RCC Cooling Tower

RCC Cooling TowerWe are manufacturing Induced draft Cooling Tower in RCC Construction also both in Cross Flow and Counter Flow design. Since the structure of Cooling Tower is complete with RCC, the tower life will be more than timber as well as FRP.
All other internal fills and Drift Eliminators are PVC / TIMBER as like other Cooling Towers. Spiral Bevel Gear Boxes are used in RCC Cooling Towers. The ranges of our RCC Cooling towers are 500M3 to 3000M3 /Cell. Higher capacities are available in multi cell construction.

Excellent Cooling Tower offers both Counterflow & Crossflow Design Cooling Tower with RCC / Wooden Structure for large scale Cooling Tower Applications. Different Types and Shapes of Treated Wooden Splace Bars, PVC Bars, Asbestos Fills etc. are used depending on application.
Contact Excellent Cooling Tower for technical and dimensional data because every cooling tower will have different size if pipe diameter , fan diameter, motor HP etc. depending on duty and application.
Excellent Cooling Tower has a vast range of models to suit different requirements.
Capacity Available : 500 m3/hr to 4,000 m3/hr per cell. Bigger capacities are available in multi-cell construction.

Standard Features :

  • RCC Structure is designed to give maximum efficiency while retaining structural stability.
  • The distribution system is with the latest design of nozzles to ensure a proper distribution of water
  • The fill media is of virgin PVC fills, with double edge folding at the edges .This result in a very long life fill media.
  • Choice of aerodynamic PVC – “S” type or “C” type Drift Eliminators.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Highly reduced cost of maintenance.
  • Square / Rectangle / Octagonal shape to suit site condition.
  • Pre-assembled at factory for simple installation at site.
  • Galvanized pipe distribution system with micro spray nozzle.
  • High efficiency double edge folder PVC Fills.

Salient Features :

  • RCC structures are designed as per IS/ACI codes.
  • We manufacture high quality RCC induced draft cooling towers in counter flow and cross flow design.
  • Splash and Film fills of prominent quality are used to enhance performance of the cooling tower by increasing contact surface area between air and water.
  • Excellent durability of RCC in any conditions of exposure and loads ensures a very long service life.
  • Because of the RCC structure, these cooling towers can withstand high wind loads.
  • RCC, being a composite material of steel and concrete is capable of resisting compressive, bending and shear forces very well.
  • RCC, having a very low co-efficient of thermal expansion performs efficiently in the most extreme climatic, where other materials may become brittle in low temperatures or may deform under high temperature.
  • Maintenance required for the RCC Cooling tower is negligible, hence cost of the project in the long run turns out to be economical.
  • To minimize the project duration, pre-casted concrete sections can be used at the time of construction.
  • The structure is not affected by UV radiation, high temperatures and does not degrade the quality of circulating water.

Components :

Structural frame : Chemically Treated Pine Wood.

Side casing and louvers : Corrugated Asbestos Cement Sheet.

Fan Deck : Chemically Treated Pine Wood.

Eliminators : Marine Phenol Bonded Plywood and treated Pine-Wood.

Fill Supporters : S.S. 304 Wires.

Filling Material : Splash Bars of Treated Pine Wood

Hot Water Basin : BWP superior grade plywood

Motors : Standard Branded Motors of reputed makes

Fan Assembly : Cast Aluminium bladed with CI Hub.

Drive Shaft : Rod or Pipe Galvanized or Stainless Steel.

Gear Boxes : Reduction Spiral Bevel Gear Boxes.

Flow Regulating Valves : CI body valves with operating shaft (Stem) of stainless steel.

Fan Cylinder : FRP Cylinder.