FRP Round Shape Cooling tower

frp-round type cooling towerWe are manufacturing a premium range of ECBT series of Round FRP Cooling Tower by using technically advanced mechanism to improve the quality of products. Made from quality approved raw materials, these are known for their compact design, corrosion resistance and ease of maintenance. Our collection is capable to render the varied requirements of various areas such as chemical plants, power stations, oil refineries and building cooling.
ECBT FRP induced draft round bottle shaped Cooling towers ranging from 10 TR to 600 TR capacities.
In FRP cooling towers production a special composition of raw materials are selected to withstand corrosion, to resist water borne bacteria’s and organisms & is light in weight which permits roof installation with special reinforcement of any kind. Vertical induced draft counter-flow design permits installation in any direction with freedom. It consumes less power (energy) overall because of less area.

Salient Features :

  • Aesthetic and elegant look
  • Totally Maintenance Free
  • Light weight and Compact Design
  • Algae/Corrosion/Deposit Free
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Universal Orientation

Casing : Cooling Tower Casing is made of selected grade materials of tough Fibre Glass Reinforced Polyester & resins, etc. Additional embossing is done for extra strength in case of big cooling towers.

Fill : Honeycomb & ring type P.V.C fills are used for extended contact area having high heat transfer efficiency. The crossing of air & water streams in close proximity which creates a diffused turbulence conducive to evaporation & efficient heat transfer.

Water Basin : It is completely leak proof which avoids spillage & seepage of water. It is of deep sump design to ensure maximum water level at all times & made up of FRP with additional stiffening to take care of extra water weight. However RCC basin is recommended for capacities 300TR and above.

Sprinkler : Specially designed rotary sprinkler head is made of aluminium alloy to avoid corrosion, also fitted with sealed ball bearings to take care of thrust & radial loads. S.S. & Brass sprinklers are also provided at an extra cost.

Fan : Fan cast aluminium alloy fan is of aero dynamic designed axial flow type to achieve high efficiency. FRP fan set can also be supplied on request at extra cost.

Drift Eliminator : To reduce carry out losses through entrainment of moisture drops in the stream by specially designed multiblade rotary drift eliminator made of FRP sheets/aluminium. Additional PVC eliminator is provided in large capacity cooling towers.

Motor : Special low RPM totally enclosed motors of Vertical, Flange type with enlarged & threaded shaft and sealed top is supplied with the cooling tower. The motor is also weather proof and in IP-55 construction.

Supports & Hardware : All components like tower supports, motor supports, leg supports, etc. are either hot dip galvanised or epoxy coated. Hardware is Galvanised Steel.Stainless Steel or Phosphor Bronze hardware’s can be supplied on request at extra cost.

NOTE : Dimensional & other engineering data available with proposal/quotation.

Applications :

  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Plants
  • Chilling Plants
  • Air Compressors
  • D. G. Sets
  • Plastic Molding Machines
  • Process Cooling etc.
  • Pharma Industries

Data required for optimal selection :

  • Rate of water circulation
  • Water inlet temperature - °C
  • Water outlet temperature - °C
  • Ambient wet bulb temperature - °C
  • Also information in brief about site conditions and water quality.

In order to facilitate our clients, we also offer following services :

  • Repair
  • Overhaul
  • Replacement
  • Emergency repairs
  • Inspection/Evaluation
  • Scheduled maintenance