About Us

We would like to introduce our Company as Excellent Cooling Tower that has been in business for the past of 4 years in the cooling tower industry. We are one of the renowned manufacturers, distributor, supplier, exporters and service provider of a wide range of Industrial Cooling Towers. We have been an established & renowned Company with an excellent track record for the best Customer satisfaction in Cooling Tower Sales & Services.
Our strength lies in state of the art technological excellence in equipment design with infrastructure for computerized present generation design, and engineering to ensure the best possible solutions to cooling problems introducing the best available technology in the world today complying with international standards. Company offers various products like FRP Cooling Tower (Round/Square Shaped), Wooden (Timber) cooling tower & RCC cooling tower in both counter & cross flow type .

Excellent Cooling Tower offers both Counterflow & Crossflow Design Cooling Tower with RCC / Wooden Structure for large scale Cooling Tower Applications. Different Types and Shapes of Treated Wooden Splace Bars, PVC Bars, Asbestos Fills etc. are used depending on application.
Contact Excellent Cooling Tower for technical and dimensional data because every cooling tower will have different size if pipe diameter , fan diameter, motor HP etc. depending on duty and application.
Excellent Cooling Tower has a vast range of models to suit different requirements.